The Science

Our energy promises to be green, efficient and affordable.

It will compliment other renewable sources such as electric, solar and wind.

Old Way

Existing technologies extract oil from algae by crushing and killing them.

It's slow and expensive, and needs new batches of algae to be regrown every time.

We don't think that's very sustainable.

Phycobloom Way

Using the power of synthetic biology, Phycobloom’s algae will continually release oils into their surroundings. This makes the oil easier to collect without damaging the algae themselves.

Genetic engineering allows our algae to produce much more oil in less time, at a far lower cost than existing options.

We will make algae oil that is cheap enough to replace fossil fuels.

Our Vision

Our algae can make oil out of nothing more than air, water, and sunlight.

In time, our algae will be able to capture large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.

This will close the loop between greenhouse gas emissions and fuel production.

We think that's very sustainable.