A fuel that is made out of the pollution from the sky, instead of the oil in the ground.

A sustainable source of energy, that harnesses the ingenuity of living organisms.

Our civilization burns dinosaur juice and pollutes the air we breathe. This carbon dioxide warms our planet and changes our climate for the worse.

Luckily, algae love to gobble up that carbon. They are nature’s most efficient photosynthesisers, transforming carbon dioxide into oils that we can use as fuels.

By applying innovations in synthetic biology, we adapt our algae to produce oil more efficiently. The algae stays alive, continually capturing carbon and converting it to oil.

This algae oil is a more powerful fuel source than solar, wind and lithium. It can be used to fly a plane, to power a ship, or be turned into a plastic. It can change the world, for the better.

We have to quit fossil fuels as soon as possible.
Algae oil can be the sustainable alternative we have all been looking for.

Help us change the world’s energy habits today.

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